Fieldstone Windows Meet Sarah Richardson

I first met Sarah Richardson and Tommy Smythe in 2006 at the site of Sarah’s House 1 in Toronto. It was late summer when I visited the house. I thought I was simply going to measure up for new windows and doors, and be on my way. Instead, I was greeted by the film crew […]

Sarah Richardson Testimonial

“Ken Simpson of Fieldstone Windows and Doors has been our go-to supplier of custom new and retrofit windows and doors for several years. Ken’s skilled team of installers and Fieldstone’s broad access to varied product solutions make Fieldstone an essential partner in executing the diverse range of products our Television productions and private clients present. […]

Film Quiz Answer 2

Did you guess which film featured  the fabulous home from our previous post?         The fabulous contemporary house mentioned is home to the Cullen family of the amazingly popular Twilight series.  It’s not exactly what you would expect…………a vampire family to live in, is it?   Most people would imagine vampires living in […]