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November 5, 2019

What are window grilles? Window Grilles are the vertical and/or horizontal bars that separate the larger glass sheet into smaller panes.  They are a great way to add your own personal touch and also match your home’s architectural style. In this post, we’ll provide a rundown on the different types of window grilles and what to consider when you’re window shopping.

The History of Window Grilles

Wood Windows – Forest Hill

If you take a walk on Main Street Unionville, Main Street Markham or any historic neighbourhood in the Greater Toronto Area, you may notice windows with grilles. Over 100 years ago, it was very common to have windows with grilles since it was difficult to have one large sheet of glass. Therefore, each section of glass was joined by grilles.

With today’s technology, your windows can have the look of historic charm with high energy
efficiency. So let’s discuss the different window grille types.

TDL Grilles (True Divided Light)

tdl grille hung windowSarah Richardson’s Single Hung Wood Windows

TDL grilles are very common in historic homes.  With TDL grilles, there are multiple panes of glass individually glazed into a window.  Out of all the grilles our customers choose, TDL is not as popular as SDL grilles since you are limited with sizes and design patterns, and the cost is higher too.

SDL Grilles (Simulated Divided Lite)

sdl grilles markham fieldstone windowsSDL Grills – Markham

These grilles are the most popular grilles FIELDSTONE customers choose.  SDL, Simulated Divided Lite grilles (aka ILT individual light technology) are placed on the exterior and interior of the window and cost less than TDL grilles.  If you want the look of an individual paned window without the cost, you would choose SDL. Unlike TDL grilles, you are more flexible with sizes of the grilles or can create your own custom design.

Internal Grilles

white window grillesInternal Grilles – Markham

Internal grilles are in between the glass and are the most affordable of the grilles. The grilles can be divided into squares or other shapes and white is the most popular choice.  It’s very easy to clean windows with internal grilles since the window surface is smooth. These grilles are also available in flat, Georgian (contoured) pencil (rounded pencil shape) and small ¼” x ¼” shapes.

Removable Grilles

Removable grilles are made entirely of wood or plastic and assembled into a large removable grid.  These are placed on the interior glass and can be taken off for cleaning, however, the grilles themselves can be delicate dust collectors and are also very limited in their shape and design.

Lead and Lead Tape

leaded glass windowTraditional Wood Windows with Leaded Glass

Lead and lead tape are not grilles, but it’s another way to add a grille design pattern to your window.  Leaded glass windows can be found in historic homes with intricate patterns and designs. Over time, leaded glass windows on heritage homes can crack, breakdown, have air and water leaks and can be problematic.

At FIELDSTONE, we have replicated leaded glass windows for clients across the Greater Toronto Area. We create a template and simulate the design with lead tape.  You can keep the look of your old windows but upgrade to energy-efficient windows, which will keep heat in and cool air out. The only downside with lead tape is that you can’t mix glass types.

There have been situations where homeowners want to keep their leaded glass as is, but need energy-efficient windows.  What we do is take their existing leaded glass window and place it in between two thermal pane windows. 

If you’re thinking of replacing your windows with grilles, contact us today and we would be happy to get you started on your next window project.

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