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Single Hung Metal Clad Wood Windows for a Century-Old Home

Project Description

For this century-old home in Hamilton, our client reached out to us to replace her windows with single-hung metal clad wood windows. We had previously worked on our clients’ rail+stile door and the rear kitchen first floor windows, but this time they wanted to replace the windows on the front of the home as well as the back 2nd floor windows. For the front living room window, the homeowner wanted to keep the heritage style.

By installing a hardwood Configuration 6 window, we were able to duplicate this. Here, the frame and glass are curved at the top of the outside, but the interior is different.  It has a square frame. Few manufacturers are capable of doing this.

The bottom sash of the original windows also featured ornate dentils, which we were able to replicate. The exterior of the windows is a beautiful antique ivory colour and the interior is white.

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Project Details

Type: Window

Material: Wood

Colour: Other

Heritage: Heritage

Install Type: Full-frame

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